Those who will see Him

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The Lord said to me,

“Go for Me to ... You shall speak to My people on ‘Preparing for My Son’s Return.’  You shall teach or preach on nothing else while you are there.

I charge you to prepare as never before and to prepare in every way, every year, month, week, day, hour, minute, second, for His return.

 This preparation is not to be intensified because of anything that has to do with the timing of His return. He could be here very, very soon, or He could tarry for another day, and that is a thousand years. You must leave the matter of “The when of His coming” entirely with Me. I do not invite you into it. I will not share it with you. It is Mine alone to know. Take your heart off the discussions and speculations on the timing of His return. Invest in the preparation for His return.

There are two things that are central in the preparation. In fact, there are only two things that you must do to prepare. The first of these is holiness. I remind you that only the pure in heart will see Me. Again, I remind you that only the pure in heart and deed have a place in the Holy City. I command you to wash your garment in my Son’s blood and be forever spotless in all things. I insist that you shall labour with all the strength which My Spirit mightily inspires within you to be pure and holy in motive, thought, look, touch, desire, word, deed, in everything. Without this kind of holiness and purity, you shall not see Me. I say very clearly to you and to all who are Mine that without this kind of holiness and purity, none will see Me. In the glorious Kingdom of My Holy Son, I will not cast My eye on anything that is spotted.

You are to put everything into being holy. You should prefer to die and come home to Me rather than practise sin in any way. You should rather allow My work that I have put into your hands to suffer than practise or commit any sin to advance it. Have you heard Me? I am saying that you are to be transparent in everything.

The second of these things is My will. I have already told you that all who do what is not My will are serving My enemy. You should seek My will diligently. You should seek it with all your heart. You should seek it, putting in all the time that it will take for My will to be revealed to you. Normally, it should not take long to know My will, but there will be times when My enemy will make things foggy and difficult. You should understand that the matter of knowing My will is an area of spiritual conflict. Seek My will in all things. Never do anything unless you are sure about My will in the matter. All is tied to My will. The overcomers are welded to My will. They overcome My enemy. They also overcome and, thereby, bring to naught My enemy’s will. They overcome themselves and they overcome their own wills, throwing these recklessly away, so that they may give themselves unhindered to one will - My will.

You are to seek, know, love, do My will. You are to deliberately reject all else, at any cost.

You will see then that this matter of holiness and that of doing My will are the way you and all Mine should prepare for the glorious return of My Exalted Son. This way of preparation is applicable, regardless of whether He is coming today or He will come in a thousand years from today. Those who are ready today can continue in the same spirit and be ready on any day in the future, without doing any additional thing to prepare. There is only one reason why you or any other person ought to yearn for My Exalted Son’s return - it is out of longing and burning for Him. I encourage that. Labour to know a yearning and all else that goes with it, even if you have to wait for years.

So, I have spoken to you. In this speaking to you, I have spoken to all those whom I have given you to lead and to influence for Me.”

Zacharias Tanee Fomum
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